Audience engagement, made easy.

Make your events more interactive and fun with live, multiplayer quizzes and trivia!

Host a game!

Amp up your events with trivia, quizzing, and more!

Transform your events with our easy-to-use, interactive quizzing platform - perfect for any occasion!

Instant Fun

Jump into the action with real-time quizzing experiences that make every event incredibly enjoyable!

Effortless Setup

Our intuitive interface means anyone can jump right in and start having fun - no hassle!

Quiz Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you're on a phone, tablet, or laptop, our platform is ready for your quiz on the go.

Customize Your Game

Tailor your quizzes exactly how you want them, creating unique experiences every time.

Rock-Solid Reliability

Trust us to deliver a secure, stable experience every time you quiz.


Want to use our amazing crowd engagement platform for larger audiences? Upgrade to one of our more advanced plans!


For small groups and casual gatherings.

  • Up to 10 participants per room
  • Buzzer mode
  • Customizable room settings
  • No credit card required
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Tailored for educational settings and medium-sized groups.

$15 /month
  • Up to 40 participants per room
  • Buzzer mode
  • Live Quiz mode
  • Access to quiz templates
  • Customizable room settings


For larger organizations or those requiring more features.

$25 /month
  • Up to 80 participants per room
  • Buzzer mode
  • Live Quiz mode
  • Jeopardy mode (coming soon!)
  • Access to quiz templates
  • Customizable room settings


For live events with hundreds/thousands of users.

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PFP of Aman!

Hey, I'm Aman!

In my freshman year of high school, I built a popular multiplayer buzzer website that's now used by hundreds of thousands of people.

I'm now a freshman at university, and I've decided to build something even bigger: an audience engagement platform to augment your live events and gatherings.

I'm a solo developer working on the app alone, but I'd be very open to hearing any feedback you may have. Please reach out via email:

If you want to learn more about how azigy can augment live events within your organization, please book a call with me so we can talk!